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Mend, Change & Extend

Want to know how to put circularity into practice?
This is the place to find out more about our partners and get a little helping hand when it comes to bringing new life to your garments. Find products and tips to extend the life, projects for re-crafting old pieces or professionals who can help alter your items to be perfect for you!
Sojo App
Also creating a place to connect over sustainable fashion, Sojo App puts your alterations at the tap of finger with an easy to use app where you can can find and find out about the seamsters near you!
The Seam
Based in London, the seam are hear to connect you to the most skilled tailors in the business. Mend & modify your clothes. With expert Makers on hand now to repair tired knits, rebuild your denim, adjust the fit of your favourite clothes or add a little flair to a once loved item. Take our Linen Mini Dress, reinvented by their East London maker into a swish new co-ord. Whether you want to get your piece back to its original condition or get creative with new possibilities, its time to think circular!
Mayamiko Linen dressThe seam revamp co-ord
You can take a look to book HERE.
Try the code MAYAMIKO20 which gives all friends and customers of Mayamiko 20% off alterations, repairs or customisation services (up to £100). 
clothes doctor
clothes doctor detergent
Learn how to care for your clothes right from the start! Before you need to mend, patch or rework old pieces to extend their life, you can make a difference by adding a little extra care from the start. Clothes Doctor have considered the whole life health of your clothes, from detergents to scents, combs and care products! We recently discovered their luxury scented, naturally made in the UK, cruelty free and planet conscious cleaning products and there's no going back. Try the  Signature Eco Wash or Basil and Mandarin Duo Set for everyday fabrics and Mayamiko cotton pieces. Gentle and nourishing treatments, for leather to suits and knitwear, which can add life to your favourite pieces have got us thinking in a new way about washing that seems a little less arduous.
Clothes Doctor ethos is all about making loved clothes last and Mayamiko is all about making clothes to last and be loved! Founded in 2017 by Lulu O'Connor, they make more than cleaning products; Clothes Doctor is a whole platform positioned counter fast fashion. They believe in care over impulse shopping with laundry, alter, repair services and care subscription boxes available nationwide You can also brush up on your own skills with mending starter kits, free online tutorials and private sewing lessons.
clothes doctor suit brush
Clothes Doctor journal is also a treasure trove of tips for making clothes last longer whether that's washing for sensitive skin, mending a zip, removing all sorts of stains or cleaning that also care for your mental health. Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to get offers and discounts from out clothes caring partners. Click here to sign up to their letter and get 15% off on products! So if you fancy treating yourself and your clothes, you can give it a try and let us know the results. 
What's your top tip for giving new life to old clothes?
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