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6 Inspiring Sustainability Focused Podcasts to bookmark

6 Inspiring Sustainability Focused Podcasts to bookmark

We have shortlisted inspiring conversations from a range of fun and informative podcasters on all things sustainability, social justice and style. Enjoy!

1. The Minimalists Podcas‪t‬

Looking for a way to cut down on unnecessary distractions, reduce consumption and live a wholly more simple lifestyle, then the Minimalists are here to help. Duo Joshua and Ryan broadcast one of the highest ranking podcasts of all time on iTunes, alongside writing numerous essays, books and creating documentaries. They cover topics from striking a work-life balance, to cleaning out draws and 'How to love'. An easy and worthwhile listen.

the minimalists

2. Conscious Chatter

This long standing institution, now on its 222nd episode provides a wealth of listening material. Covering fashion, style, sustainability and, unavoidably, global supply chains, you are guaranteed to find a topic that captures you, from systems to materials, whether thats hemp, deadstock, circular economies or denim. As well as reflective pieces on issues of race and shifting values through the pandemic, you will find a whole host of fascinating guests in this audio sustainable fashion bible.

Conscious Chatter

3. The Guardians Climate Change Series 

The Guardian bring us wonderfully produced podcasts and this is no different. If you like action focused news content, this is the one for you. Although for 5 years ago now, this real world challenge, tackling how to report on climate change issues to capture attention, as a matter of principle, is as captivating as ever. Follow the team on their journey, lead by editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger, as they see what they can learn from psychology, economics and religion.

The biggest story in the worl‪d‬

4. The Wardrobe Crisis

Host Claire Press, Vogue's first sustainability editor, each week interviews actors from academics to climate activists, designers and climate scientists to get their 40 minute take on what needs to be done to make the planet a better place. Discussing the intersection of sustainability, the climate, ethics and social, these deeply thoughtful soundbites capture leading thinkers discussing everything from de-gendering fashion to economic de-growth.

wardrobe crisis

5. A Sustainable Mind

 Started as a masters thesis project, Majorie Alexander was spurred on by the lack of representation she was seeing at environmental forums of young people, women and people of colour. Building on this philosophy, she aims to expand those included in the conversation, chatting to everyone from school teachers to authors. For the earth-conscious individual, ecopreneur, environmental activist, sustainability enthusiast, grassroots organiser, minimalist, conscious consumer and the eco-curious, this podcast questions change makers on their person experiences, relationship with nature and their light bulb moments. 

A sustainable mind podcast

6. Mixed Up

A podcast 'for mixed race people everywhere' and for those seeking a deeper understanding of race and identity. Hosted by sustainable consultant and creative director, Emma Slade Edmondson, and Nicole Ocran, writer and co-founder of the Creator Union, this bubbly pair bring compassionate conversations to our devices. Creating a needed space for people of mixed heritage to discuss the difficulties of deciphering identity, they pull in a host of varied and eloquent guests to discuss everything from mental heath to interracial relationships.


mixed up podcast

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