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7 Creative Ways to Upcycle

7 Creative Ways to Upcycle

It’s winter where we are and with more time than usual in doors and no charity shops to deliver our old clothes or friends to swap with, we’ve started looking for alternative solutions. While we’re all about keeping quality pieces in our wardrobe that stand the test of time, we can’t all be Marie Kondo. So, there are likely items that aren’t being put to use or have unfortunately been worn over time. Don’t worry, we have the answer… or 7… ways to up-cycle old garments. All the while having a little crafting fun. Simple.

1.T-shirts to head bands. Cut into strips, twist, plate and knot to find what works for you. The world is your oyster.


2. Still got a t-shirt to spare? One with a little more life in it. Option number 2 is to turn it into a shopper. Everyone needs one and now you can carry that jersey softness on your arm. Avoid plastic and out do a new tote with these easy ideas.


3. For those favourite oldies that you no longer seem to find a time to wear. Keep it close-by by turning it into a cushion cover and jazz up those home interiors with a storied item. It’s not as hard as you think.


4. Check the label for 100% cotton, now don’t throw them away. If you haven’t already ditched the single use cotton pads then now is the time. Make a simple square (or any shape you desire) and stitch two sides together for a prettier alternative to those simple make up removers. This is a good one for those not confident in their sewing abilities, as there is not need to be neat or even have a sewing machine - a great place to start. After use, throw them in with your next washing load, now that old item has a whole new life!


5. Okay, maybe it’s not recoverable. Clumsy hands make for dramatic stains, sometimes no amount of soap can save. But do not fear, housework is here to help. Simply cut into rags and re-use for surfaces and windows. Natural absorbent materials work best!


6. Determined to rid all the plastic from your lives? Next stop is the kitchen. If you haven’t already encountered the reusable wax wrap, then now is the chance. The daring make their own. Whether you use beeswax or vegan soy, these are great for extending the life of everything from bread to leftovers. Here is a little help.


7. Already repainted the whole house in 2020? Luckily, there are still a million possibilities in the name of grand designs. What about a sweater stool? You heard us right. Simple, effective and cosy. For the full how-to.


We hope you found some inspiration here, have a go and show us what you re-invented!

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