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#SecondHandSeptember: be part of the change

#SecondHandSeptember: be part of the change

Shopping secondhand has been around for decades, and normally it has been associated with charity shops and shoppers on a budget who wanted to buy good quality clothes that would last. 

Recently, more people are conscious about consumption and slow fashion, so pre-loved clothes have gained popularity. 

With alarming numbers about textile waste, now, more than ever, we need to take responsibility and act. 

While it is estimated that 100 billion products are made each year, the 2022 Fashion Transparency Index found that just 15% of brands disclose data on the quantity of products made annually. 

This means we have no clear idea of the reality and impact of the industry as a whole.

Globally, an estimated 92 million tonnes of textiles waste is created each year and, in the UK alone, of the 300,000 tonnes of clothing donated to charity annually, 80% goes to waste. The rise of fast fashion has made overconsumption and disposable clothing our new normal, but we as consumers have the power to change this. 

Buying secondhand is one of the ways of tackling fast fashion.


And maybe you ask, why September?

As you may know, this month is always associated with Fashion Week, so Oxfam decided to create this pledge to encourage people to shop second-hand rather than the latest trends for the approaching Autumn/Winter season. 

So in line with our ethos that 'loved clothes last' we've pulled together a bunch of resources and cool discounts with circular economy partners for the Mayamiko family: 

Clothes Doctor 

They have a big range of different products to help you take care of your different fabrics. Try the Signature Eco Wash or Basil and Mandarin Duo Set for everyday fabrics and Mayamiko cotton pieces. Gentle and nourishing treatments, for leather to suits and knitwear, which can add life to your favourite pieces have got us thinking in a new way about washing that seems a little less arduous.

So if you fancy treating yourself and your clothes, we want to give you a 15% off on products with code MAYAMIKO&CD15OFF

The Seam

Layla, the founder, grew up in Birmingham where her grandmother, a professional dressmaker, would alter and repair all of her clothes. After moving to London in 2019, Layla no longer lived near to her nan and struggled to find somewhere to have her clothes tailored!

She soon began to fall out of love with her clothes. She cared for them less and would even buy clothes that never got worn. At that point she realised that in order to make fashion truly sustainable, clothes needed to be loved!

So in 2019 she founded The Seam, starting in Hackney and quickly expanding across London. Now the team is bigger and they work with amazing makers who will mend & modify your clothes as you like. 

Get a 20% off to book an insured and trusted Maker today with code: MAYAMIKO20

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