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Botanical Dyed Scrunchie in Avocado Pink

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  • This Botanical Dyed Scrunchie is born from a partnership between Mayamiko and Amma to support women empowerment, created by women empowerment partner workshop Amma in Sri Lanka.

  • Based in the highlands of Sri Lanka where a team of mother makers harness the power of food waste, fallen leaves and ayurvedic plants to make natural colour to yarn dye these stunning scarves.

  • This scrunchie is masterfully dyed under the supervision of Meena with natural avocado stones. Buy one or collect a few! 

  • Materials

    Handwoven, naturally dyed cotton. Each scrunchie is un unique and there will be natural variations in hues from the images. 

    Care Guidance

    Hand wash fabric in cool water with a ph neutral, eco washing soap. Don’t use stain remover or harsh chemicals. Dry flat and store out of direct sunlight to preserve the colour

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