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The Team

Grace joined the Mayamiko programme in January 2015: with no prior sewing experinece, she dedicated herself with passion and hard work, and it paid off! She graduated in July and now is working as workshop assistant, absorbing and learning from everyone around her. The assistant role is helping her refine her skills, understand the garment making process better, while earning a living, paying for her children's school fees and saving some money to access her sewing machine grant. 
Jane is a mother of six who approached our training program after hearing about it from friends in her local village. She was so enthusiastic and motivated to learn she even worked on her own projects outside of training, she sewed a teddy bear, a door stop and the very dress she's pictured in here for extra practise! She is now our main pattern cutter and plays a very important part in our team. 
Towera is our tailoring academy teacher, she has been with us since 2013 and helped many trainees learn and thrive while at the fashion lab. 




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