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Press Release - Mayamiko Time for Tee Launch and Summer Party

We would be delighted if you could join us on Wednesday 3rd June, at Protein Studios, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3EY, for our Summer Party, introducing Mayamiko – the label combining unique style, real-life stories, and exclusive pieces that redefine the face of modern fashion.

With more and more focus nowadays on ethics in the fashion industry, the launch of Mayamiko – a diverse fashion label consisting of exclusive individual designs - will draw attention to worldwide talent, while carrying the torch for unique style, and offering life-changing opportunities to those less advantaged. This eco-conscious label is also a proud supporter and campaigner for the Fashion Revolution cause – encouraging brands to acknowledge whether they source, sew, dye and ship their products under eco-friendly and humane conditions. It was inspired by the worst manufacturing disaster ever, when, in 2013, the Rana Plaza factory building collapsed in Bangladesh, resulting in 1,133 lives lost.  

A runner-up at the 2012 Ethical Fashion Forum Awards in the 'Changing Lives' category, finalist for 'Brand to watch' in 2013, and a finalist at the Vogue Italia Eco Talents also in 2013, the Mayamiko brand was inspired by former marketing professional, Paola Masperi. She began the label as a charity that provided creative business training and opportunities to disadvantaged communities in the developing world. Through the course of her work, she realised that rather than just being supplied with aid, people really wanted the chance to work and earn a decent living for themselves. With this in mind, Paola created the label and began the process of producing and exporting high quality, trendy and desirable fashions, wholly made under ethical conditions.  

Mayamiko, which means “praise” in Chichewa, the main language of Malawi, East Africa, creates fashion with women of a variety of personalities in mind: 

NATURAL: She is in touch with nature, she loves to travel, is eco-conscious, and leads a low carbon footprint lifestyle.

CONTEMPORARY: This lady leads minimalistic lifestyle, loves sportswear and essential modern clothes, enjoys art exhibits, and loves Bauhaus and Japanese inspired architecture.

CLASSIC: She has a timeless look, is a strong role model, sophisticated and successful, and loves the ballet, cocktails and dinner parties.

BOHO CHIC: This type of woman likes to be comfortable and stylish, loves to travel, likes going to markets, and enjoys herself at festivals.

Paola says: “We create beautiful, exclusive fashion that fulfils every woman’s desire to be attractive, trendy, and fashion-forward, while wearing clothes with a story that anyone would be proud to tell.”

In 2015, Mayamiko will be launching a new range of Tee tops, fusing bold and plain prints. This introductory range offers a choice of bold African fabrics, subtle batik cottons or eternal plains, with a touch of organza, and unique detailsEach Tee is made sustainably and ethically in workshops in Malawi, where disadvantaged members of communities are trained, employed and supported with the work.

Fabulous clothes made by fabulous people.

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For more information: // // +44 7971663887

Mayamiko are proud to support the Fashion Revolution

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