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Our textiles are hand picked especially for you from the local fabrics market in Malawi, we work with a local cooperative of women traders to source the most exclusive prints and they are only enough to produce a very limited number of pieces.

We make our garments on a demand, meaning we never waste fabric by over-producing. Our collections are 'season free', and are carefully designed so you can enjoy our pieces all year round, whether on their own in summer, or beautifully layered and styled in winter. When you buy a Mayamiko piece you can be sure that what you are buying one of the very few pieces made in that particular fabric, making your purchase even more special. Our exclusive and limited fabric supply means your garment is unique through and through. 

This also means that as fabrics are often artisanal and hand made, fabric and colour imperfections are possible and they add to the uniqueness of the pieces, rather than representing a defect or fault. 

To top it off, sourcing our textiles locally means we can reduce our carbon footprint (yay for the planet!) and grow the local economy.

A SHOUT OUT TO OUR FAMILY - Many pieces in our collections are dedicated to the wonderful women that make up the Mayamiko family: our trainees, tailors, market traders
and many more. Lots of Chichewa names have beautiful meanings, for example Chifundo means mercy. Shop the  Chifundo maxi dress named after one of our brilliant employees! 

Our garments are made on site in our solar powered workshop just outside of Lilongwe. Each garment is lovingly made by one of our skilled tailors, most of whom came to us with no prior experience in tailoring. Years of dedicated and meticulous training mean that our wonderful Mayamikans can now make beautiful garments of world class standards, ready for you to buy. 

In addition to the products we make in our fair trade workshop in Malawi, we also curate wonderful collections from around the world, some made exclusively for us by partners who share our ethos down to a tee, some connecting you with wonderful artisans and their work. Below are some examples. 


Not all artisans or groups can afford certification, and we build strong relationships with them to make sure that they meet the ethical standards the Mayamiko customers value. 

Wherever possible, to help you find products that match your values, we have placed logos on individual products. You can shop a range of items from the following: 


Look for the logo on individual items, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 


For our upcycled silk collection, we have partnered with ethical workshop 'Fiore all'Occhiello', a social cooperative based on the outskirts of Milan. Fiore all’Occhiello provides stable employment for disadvantaged people, refugees and asylum seekers as part of comprehensive programmes of integration and support services in the local community. Skilled tailors from Africa, Asia, and Latin America have expertly crafted each piece especially for Mayamiko. The workshop is located in proximity of the silk mill from which we sourced our up-cycled silk, ensuring that the environmental impact of your garments is as low as possible. 


We are proud to bring to you a selection of products crafted in Sri Lanka. We have been working with a social empowerment project called Booteek, supporting disadvantaged women artisans who are mothers to disabled children. The women artisans work from their homes, giving them the flexibility to work at their own pace and care for their children. The clutches, boho bags and tassels they make for Mayamiko are from 100% local raw silk and are beautifully hand embroidered. 


We source our natural soaps from Chiyambi, where they are lovingly hand-made in Malawi using locally sourced ingredients.The soaps are produced near Dzaleka Refugee Camp. The beautiful African textile packaging is made up by refugees and Malawians with disabilities, or supporting disabled family members. All profits re-invested in community development. Mayamiko pays Chiyambi a fair price for each piece.


During a sourcing trip, we discovered some incredibly delicate and precious scarves, hand dyed and hand woven in Myanmar by the Kayan Lahwi women, also known as Padaung, a sub-group of Red Karen (Karenni) people.  In the late 1980s and early 1990s many Kayan tribes fled to the Thai border area and settled in refugee camps. The Kayan Lahwi women dye and weave beautifully rich textiles, often crafted into scarves or cloth, as one of their main income generating activities. The process is highly skilful and elaborate, and the result is so luxurious and unique. In the future we hope to bring you more of their exquisite work, as we keep supporting the development and empowerment of their communities. 





Our gorgeous batik and tie-dye fabrics are hand-dyed by talented artisans at the Malawi Council for the Handicapped (MaCoHa), an organisations based in Blantyre, which employees and trains wonderful humans, differently abled. We pay MaCoHa a fair price for the artisans' work and love working together on new and creative designs. We are also working on introducing more eco friendly dye alternative to the traditional dyes, and have been experimenting with onion peels, hibiscus flowers and avocado peels. Watch this space for some exciting news!


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