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Copy of Mayamiko & planet

 Here at Mayamiko we believe the only way to do good business is to do good by the planet too. This is why we are constantly trying out new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and give back to Mother Earth.   


Our zero waste policy insures that all scrap fabric gets turned into something new. From headbands and protective parcel bags, to doormats and reusable sanitary pads for the young girls in the community. We also have an initiative to donate recyclable sanitary pads to girls in refugee camps, alongside feminine hygiene programmes. Find out more.
Finally, we employ a zero-waste pattern cutting technique, which means that our garments are designed to utilise the fabric to the maximum, and minimise any waste at the point of cutting.


One thing Malawi can count on is sun, this is why we have converted our workshop to run from solar energy! it's clean, efficient and good for the planet.


All of the materials for our garments are locally sourced from the nearby fabric market in Lilongwe, just a few minutes from our workshop. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint and bring good trade opportunities to the local community.
We take the same approach with every new initiative we create: for example we have a selection of beautiful accessories that are made in Sri Lanka through a social empowerment project, Booteek. We are also launching a collection made entirely from up-cycled, premium Italian silk, that would otherwise have been discarded as scraps. Stay tuned and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when it launches!


We take great care that all of our packaging is made from recyclable materials, that's the postal bag, labels and tissue paper too!
When you receive your Mayamiko delivery, it might come in one of these beauties. 
The up-cycled tea bags have been hand-painted by artists like Nuaka and Nalaka, who graduating from the Chitra Lane School for the Special Child. These are real unique works of art, and are truly 100% sustainable. 


We have partnered with One Tree Planted, an amazing non-profit organisation who are helping us to give back to the planet one tree at a time. Every time you place an order with Mayamiko you will have the option to plant a tree, we will then pay for One Tree Planted to do the honours and plant your very own tree!


Mayamiko is a member of the Iprefer30 campaign. Did you know that a few small changes in your washing habits, especially using lower temperatures, can add up to some big benefits? Washing at the lowest possible temperature helps you to cut CO2 emissions, save energy and help the environment. And get this, your clothes will actually look good and last longer!


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