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"We don’t need to be happy through owning items but by spending quality time in life"

"We don’t need to be happy through owning items but by spending quality time in life"

Meet the amazing Liullland. She used to work in an office but seven years ago she decided to move to the countryside, to a town on the edge of Costwolds

After moving to the UK, she had 5 years long gap during which she became a mom of two incredible girls.

And since the second lockdown here, she started to create content on social media (@_liullland). She describes her style as “nannacore” , and you may wonder what is that?

Keep reading to find out!

Why did you decide to move there?
It’s all coincidence but I love where life leads me to

Why do you describe your style as “nannacore”?
Because I prefer to be careless when styling. No rules or trends. Only according to my own mood and it’s all about putting my own happiness and comfiness first. Hence I admire what Nannacore represents.

Since when do you follow a slow-living approach?
Maybe it get stronger when I grow older. I am not sure.

What made you change?
The more I learn about what humans have done to nature the more I want to change.

How a slow living lifestyle and buying sustainable and ethical fashion are connected?
We don’t need to be happy though owning items but by spending quality time in life.

What are your tips to follow a slow living?
Try to understand yourself better by reading, going for walks in nature, find alone time.
One doesn’t have to really pause life to lead a slow living lifestyle as long as they take care of their own feelings while living a busy life.
Plants, sunshine, exercise, simplified morning/night routine etc., all could help.


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