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The Future: Made-to-Order

The Future: Made-to-Order

March will see the arrival of the Kusintha Collection. A mixture of linen and locally sourced limited edition Malawian prints from our trusted female collective. New shapes and old favourites, wide leg pants and feminine milkmaid show stoppers. If you like Mayamiko then you're bound to like whats coming next: elegant, vibrant and made for joy! What else is new is our pre-ordering system. We're always looking for ways to improve, becoming ever more conscious of our people and the planet. So why the change?


The revamped system will see a new release every two weeks: an edited selection of pieces. With a limited number of items available straight away, the rest will be open to order. While taking 4-6 weeks to be delivered all the way from Malawi, this item will be made especially for you. As well as spreading the tailoring out for our treasured women at the Mayamiko workshop, this made-to-order system will provide the most sustainable solution. In an industry that produces 92 million tonnes of waste each year - 4% of the world's total - we want to make only whats demanded and with our small scale operation, this is possible! Big brands make forecasts, predicting across options, colours and size ways what's going to sell and then the pressures on to push stock, discounting where necessary - getting us all acquainted with the constant sales that became of fast fashion. But there is another way! You may think that made-to-order was only for wedding gowns and high end items but we believe there is a chance to bring this option to our affordable collections. It's time to move backwards and undo some of the seismic shifts we've seen through the globalisation of fashion.

We're looking to be part of the slow fashion movement and shift the way fashion is viewed. Yes, it's a departure from instant gratification, but this is also a chance to reconnect with what we wear, breaking the spell on our consumption habits. After all...absence does make the heart grow fonder. Placing a custom order and waiting a little longer could mean a chance to appreciate the pieces even more, a chance to consider the craft that went into your handmade garment and all the more reason to treasure it for a lifetime!

Plus, 5 fresh releases is one way to keep the excitement alive, discover the Kusintha Collection in the slow fashion way - sign up to the emails or keep a look out on socials to stay up-to-date on when deliveries arrive!


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