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Get Closer to Your Clothes

Get Closer to Your Clothes
We believe that each garment is more than cloth and thread - it’s the people who make them, the stories, and the lives improved through fair and ethical systems that really makes a garment special. On top of this transparency and traceability are fundamental, this is why we are working hard and looking at ways that we can help you connect with your clothes even more. 
We are currently in the process of developing a 'Circular Wear Centre' where you can learn about your item of clothing, who made it, where did the materials come from and what journey did they take to in order to become the top or dress you are wearing right now?
We hope that we will soon be ready to make this idea a reality and we will give this information to you via a small QR code attached to your clothes label. 
This is just a mock up of whats to come but stay tuned, we will be updating you along our journey!  

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