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A BEE-autiful Update

A BEE-autiful Update

Did you know that with Mayamiko Trust we have funded the training for 90 members of the Malawian Natural Resources Committee (NRC) from the village of Bambain to become wild honey beekeepers?

This project embodies “our trade not aid” ethos and gave 90 trainees an opportunity to generate a sustainable and reliable income from the sale of pure forest honey.

Once the NRC members completed there training  they each received a certificate of participation, enabling them to apply for a micro finance scheme and set up their own bee-keeping business.

This project was a great success and helped to change the lives of the participants and their families as well as paving  the way for conservation in Bambia.

By placing the hives on the outskirts of the forest we have been able to slow down deforestation in this area as well as reducing the conflict between elephants and local communities. This is due to the hives acting as a warning post to the elephants… Elephants are scared by the sound of bees and will stay away from an area where bees reside in masses. This helps to keep the elephants deeper in to the forest where themselves and the locals alike will be safer! 

This is just one of the many projects that has been set up by Mayamiko trust and with your support we hope to continue being able to work on these exciting, sustainable and practical projects. 

To find out more about what Mayamiko Trust has been up to click here.

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